What We Believe

John Shelby Spong

“In the fall of 1988, I worshipped God in a Buddhist temple. As the smell of incense filled the air, I knelt before three images of the Buddha, feeling that the smoke could carry my prayers heavenward. It was for me a holy moment for I was certain that I was kneeling on holy ground…. I will not make any further attempt to convert the Buddhist, the Jew, the Hindu or the Moslem. I am content to learn from them and to walk with them side by side toward the God who lives, I believe, beyond the images that bind and blind us.” — John Shelby Spong

Guest Speaker Rev. Don Seiler

Please join us on Sunday, October 22.at 11 a.m. as Rev. Don Seiler, a Minister and Spiritual Leader, presents the lesson during our Sunday service. A suggested love offering of $10 is appreciated. Rev. Don is a spiritual director and writer whose transformative message of positive, practical Christianity connects people to the “real world” of life experience. His path to Unity was long and varied, beginning as an Army officer flying helicopters in Vietnam and continuing with work as a wellness consultant and executive in the healthcare field. After eventually finding his way to Unity, Don completed the requirements to…

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